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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply customers with quality product, the most competitive prices and to ultimately allow our customers to expand their chicken program.   E.J. Poultry represents the most reputable companies in the chicken industry and has the ability to pick up less than load quantities in any Southern and Midwestern state.  We are buying from all the major chicken processors throughout the United States.  These supplies allow us to offer a wide range of chicken parts, sizes and packs as well as giving us an understanding of daily market conditions so that we can ensure that our customers have the most competitive prices. 

By combining orders from several customers, we have the ability to take advantage of high volume discounted pricing.  In addition, we offer updated market analysis along with future ad pricing and/or additional volume savings.  Our line drop areas cover all Western states (including Montana, Wyoming and Colorado).  We service a variety of customers ranging from small food service distributing to the largest retail outlets in the country.  E.J. Poultry prides itself on service and is always available to share our input on chicken market conditions.  We serve as a transportation tool and a knowledgeable voice in the chicken industry, providing our customers with the freshest product available.

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